In binary compounds (compounds with two elements the element having greater electronegativity is assigned a negative oxidation number that is the same as its charge.
Reduction: A chemical reaction in which a substance gains electrons.
If one substance is oxidized, another is reduced.The batteries people use for powering all kinds of cheque mon cadeau culture portable appliances, from flashlights to boom boxes, are called dry cell batteries.The chemical equation for this is: 2H2 O2 2H2O energy.Oxidation-reduction reactions fuel the space-shuttle at take-off.Iron forms an oxide, commonly known as rust, but this in fact does little to protect it from corrosion, because the oxide tends to flake off, exposing fresh surfaces to further oxidation.

Combustion has been a significant part of human life ever since our prehistoric ancestors learned how to harness the power of fire to cook food and light their caves.
Concept, most people have heard the term oxidation at some point or another, and, from the sound of the word, may have developed the impression that it has something to do with oxygen.
Every year, businesses and governments devote millions of dollars to protecting iron and steel from oxidation by means of painting and other measures, such as galvanizing with zinc.
Chromium, nickel, and tin react to oxygen in a similar way, but these are not as inexpensive as aluminum.
Moving is simply a physical change.So reduction is defined as reaction in which an atom or ion gains electrons.Aluminum There was a time, in fact, when aluminum was even more expensive than gold.During reduction elements again electrons.Enzymes in the human body regulate oxidation-reduction reactions.It so happens that combustion is a particularly dramatic type of oxidation-reduction reaction: whereas we cannot watch iron rust, combustion is a noticeable event.Aside from the obvious expense, gold is soft, and not very good for structural uses, even if it were much cheaper.

As for the larger single external fuel tank, this contains the gases that power the rocket: hydrogen and cause these two are extremely explosive, they must be kept in separate compartments.