Article 14: Declarations The Organizer of converse noir femme promo the Concours notifies direccte midi-PYRÉNÉES (Pôle Concurrence, Consommation, Métrologie, et Répression des Fraudes et métrologie, 5 Esplanade Compans Caffarelli, BP 98016, 31080 toulouse Cedex 6) two months before the Concours takes place, specifying the location, the date retained, and.
Nous vous demandons dès lors de réagir d'une manière courtoise et constructive, afin que vos commentaires aient également une valeur ajoutée pour les autres internautes.
Under no conditions will payment be reimbursed for whatever reason of cancellation.For each jury table, the jury president fills out an attendance sheet, which must be filled out and signed by all the jury members with their names and occupations.The Organizer may proceed with controls of compliance between the registration form and the award-winning sample.Any French wines that do not have a protected geographical indication are presented with an indication of the vintage and/or the grape variety which has been certified in accord with the rules of Article.665-24 of the rural and fishing legislation, packed in bag-in-box.

The samples received remain the property of the Organizer of the Concours.
Projects for packaging design are accepted in registration applications.
An individual tasting form allows each jury member to grade and classify each sample individually on its visual, olfactory, gustatory and harmonious aspects.
Results of the Concours will be advertised as widely as possible through the greatest concours steward emirates number of means: internet press, television, radio, specialized journals, gourmet press, The Organizer will present each winner with a document specifying: the name of the Concours, type of awarded distinction, category.
The information files (registration forms, technical forms and analyses) must be kept for five (5) years (from the date of the Concours).En cas d'ex æquo, la somme sera attribuée à la cliente ayant effectué la première une commande entre le 04/01/15 et le 30/06/17.The analyses must correspond to the obligatory information listed on the packaging of the presented sample, as well as to current regulations.Toute publicité ou lien promotionnel vers un ou des site(s) extérieur(s) ne sont pas autorisés.A deadline for registration forms, as well as a deadline for sending samples is set by the Organizer, and is mentioned on the registration form and the technical form.Registration in the Concours is dependent on fixed and unique fees, set every year by the Organizer.Thierry Dupièreux, rédacteur en chef, conditions d'utilisation, les forums et commentaires sur le site t Toute personne qui, avec ses nom, prénom et adresse exacte (rue, numéro, commune est correctement enregistrée sur t peut réagir à une sélection d'articles et de débats sur notre site.