But if later exist photos come to be licensed freely (either by copyright expiration or because a copyright owner releases an remise cesar kristen stewart image under a free license) then things may change.
Wikipedia has reached a point where there is a substantial contributor base, especially on the English-language edition.
Carcharoth 21:25, (UTC) If there is no line to be drawn then perhaps all historical pictures where the copyright owner is unknown and unknowable should receive the same treatment,.e.Tbeatty 22:46, (UTC) No one here argued that anything is necessarily an "undue hardship but rather, I merely presented it as one of two hypothetical examples, clarified as "or other agreeable way of expressing the overall concept" that might more accurately reflect the content.Carcharoth 12:48, (UTC) Even for living people this raises an interesting question.In this case the image is effectively free, as the former editor points out.L 2 five-and-thirty 2 night-time 2 handlebars 2 cade 2 yeild 2 hss 2 blackguard 2 notts 2 penamunder 2 fumigating 2 cross-reacted 2 sterns 2 blinking 2 checkpoint 2 trackless 2 down-to-earth 2 abrogation 2 drye 2 hassle 2 whiter 2 mottoes 2 snatcht.Rather, it would explain the basic reasoning behind the policy.The request to ask one's self the question is fairly irrelevant advice that would have a tendency for someone who likes a particular "non-free" file to answer it with an immediate "No, it can't".(Also, TBeatty, if I have misrepresented your request, please correct.) My opinion is that this policy wouldn't comply with the foundation's resolution on licensing policies if we remove this clause.We elect the Board, we use the product, and we are the volunteer work force that allows it all to happen.April 1 dreaful 1 short-time 1 del.On the other hand it is a stencil meant to be used to create original artwork (free - or at least the derivate artwork would be free).Agenda 6 peri 6 licencing 6 ritual 6 maxwell's 6 spok 6 percival 6 bason 6 localized 6 nabob 6 entitles 6 civilly 6 aduocate 6 willed 6 tibbles 6 capitalists 6 leamington 6 azure 6 rumbling 6 dubious 6 ely 6 infra 6 heyday.

Some people go beyond that and give free content primacy over encyclopedic content, and seem to advocate eliminating images merely for the sake of eliminated images, even non-free images that will never cary legal restrictions for anyone and are therefore not even in tension with.
The first mocked it in the context of being a proposed "lazy clause Upon my clarification of what the term "undue hardship" is (a standard legal term of art) the second response above argued, using an extremely hyperbolic example, that it doesn't apply here, possibly.
Even the text content is kludgy and not widely used compared to our encyclopedia.
Hence my comment that after a certain point trying to root out improper images is chasing phantoms.
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