Unsuspecting pedestrians were fooled into thinking that they'd accidentally blundered into an attempted murder.
Devils Due by Thinkmodo, and promos chaussures de golf its getting the kind of attention that marketers can usually only dream about.
As a result of the interaction-based viral marketing that blurred the lines between the story and reality Heather Donahue was told by pedestrians that they wished she was dead and they wanted their money back (ibid.).
I was one of them.
The pre-Dark Knight campaign involved headlines on real news sites, a traveling agency sending fans on trips around the world, and even a mock election.Just two weeks before that, the Sci-Fi network aired an unassuming documentary, seemingly a standard unsolved mystery investigation piece tinged with supernatural possibility, entitled Curse of the Blair Witch.Dollars box office gross (cf.These kinds of information aim at pretending that both story and characters seem more real.This generates engagement and interest within the target group of viewers and moviegoers.The internet in general and websites as well as social media in particular are an essential part of the process of spreading the information on an upcoming movie via word of mouth and viral marketing.An honorable mention must go to their campaign for the second film, which involved a contortionist portraying possessed girl menacing a real hair salon.That same year, an article.

And for a film with a production budget estimated to have been about 60,000, the viral marketing certainly paid huge dividends, with a 140 million domestic gross and a 108 million overseas gross for a worldwide total of 248 million.
So The Dark Knight s viral campaign was exactly what the series needed to cleanse the palate of Schumachers failures and convince the fans that Batman Begins was only the beginning, not only the most interactive of its kind, but perhaps the most immersive and.
For a movie that was more scary for what it didnt show than what it did, the campaign for the film was crafted around attempting to make it appear as though the events of the film were not fictional but a true account.
Began to launch a series of websites revolving around the world of Gotham City, including a legitimate-looking campaign site for Harvey Dent.Cloverfield has ignited a residual viral enthusiasm that some might find very familiar if they are fans of the films listed below, the eight most brilliantly-conceived and delightfully infectious viral ad campaigns in movie history.So it was borderline marketing genius when the ad campaign shifted toward being driven by online petitions, with TV spots encouraging viewers to sign the petition and demand the film come to their town.The Blair Witch Project : its marketing campaign.The viral marketing campaign of The Blair Witch Project is often referred to as the most successful, even though this campaign took place before, Twitter and Facebook existed (Davidson) in 1999 and had a budget of only between 20,000 and 25,000.S.