40244 US arin turnkey-internet - Turnkey Internet Inc.
KG 43354 DE ripencc ZDF-AS ZDF Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen 43356 TR ripencc comtech-AS Comtech Ticaret Ltd.
20088 US arin 2geeksandapipe - 2 Geeks and a Pipe, LLC NO_name 2009 US arin infonet5 - infonet Services Corporation 20090 US arin thespiegelgroup-1 - THE spiegel group 20091 US arin eframe-BGP-01 - eframe, LLC 20092 US arin owens-minor - Owens and Minor 20093.26345 US arin trek - Trek Bicycle Corporation 26346 US arin wcixn3 - t, Inc.38278 MY apnic paneagle-MY-AP Paneagle Communications Sdn Bhd, Metro-Ethernet Internet Access Provider, Malaysia 38279 PH apnic iomnet-AS-AP iomnet-AS ISP/Hosting service Provider Manila 3828 US arin cirrus - Cirrus Logic Inc.6356 US arin nerdcnet - Northeast Regional Data Center 6357 US arin dbtech - DB Technology 6358 US arin merc-AS - Mercury Mail 6359 NO_name 636 US arin pens-NET-AS - Navy Network Information Center (nnic) 6360 US arin univhawaii - University of Hawaii Data Video.1331 US arin ansbb-asnnet-1 - Advanced Networks Services Inc.11672 US arin acsin-AS-1 - t, LLC 11674 US arin haas-TCM-001 - Haas TCM 11675 US arin zebecdata - Zebec Data Systems 11676 US arin acsbps - Affiliated Computing Services Business ProcessSolutions 11677 MX lacnic itesm Rectoria Universidad Virtual 11678 US arin DOE-NTS-AS -.33757 US arin getactive-berkeley - GetActive Software, INC.AS 42881 EU ripencc fotovista Fotovista 42882 AT ripencc sysup-AT SysUP Huberti und Holzer OEG 42883 UA ripencc starline-AS Starline home LAN 42884 GB ripencc localphone-AS Localphone Limited 42887 LT ripencc ACC-AS ACC - NET 42890 RO ripencc mediplus-AS Mediplus 42891 RU ripencc chermetresurs-AS JSC.25603 US arin scottsdale-insurance - Scottsdale Insurance Company 25604 US arin gulf-south-pipeline - gulf south pipeline CO LP 25605 US arin RGB-internet-systems - RGB Internet Systems, Inc.28277 BR lacnic Vmax Net Telecomunicações do Brasil Ltda 28278 BR lacnic tell free Telefonia IP SA 28279 BR lacnic Turboseg Provedor de Internet ltda 2828 US arin XO-AS15 - XO Communications 28280 BR lacnic.

21598 US arin progress-energy - Progress-Energy 21599 PA lacnic netdirect.A.
29753 US arin broisdtxasn - Brownsville Independent School District 29754 US arin GO2TEL - M INC.
Velo-RT2 - VeloceNet Inc.Used for concours d'orchestre contrebasse peering services 18399 MM apnic bagan-transit-AS Bagan Cybertech IDC Teleport International Transit 1840 MX lacnic Universidad de las Americas 18400 NZ apnic xtreme-AS-AP Xtreme Networks Limited 18401 KR apnic AS18401-AS-KR daegu university 18402 SG apnic NLB-AS-SG-AP national library board 18403 VN apnic FPT-AS-AP.32721 US arin wesbanco - WesBanco Bank, Inc.NO_name 25945 US arin cbsnsoc-LR - saic cbsnsoc (commercial Business Services Network Security Operations Center) 25946 CA arin netaccess-systems - NetAccess Systems Inc 25947 US arin cbcm - Commerzbank Capital Markets Corporation 25948 US arin clareity - clareity security 25949 US arin escout - eScout.11076 US arin community-computer-service-INC - community computer service INC 11078 US arin brown - Brown University 11079 CA arin allst-11079 - Allstream Corp.26083 US arin FFM - fimat facilities management, INC.18946 US arin fanniemae-2 - Fannie Mae 18947 US arin pasco-county-bocc - pasco county board OF county commissioners 18948 US arin nymc2000-arin - New York Medical College 18949 US arin GIN-ridge-boys - Gin Ridge Boys 18950 US arin educate - Educate Inc 18951 US arin.13474 AR lacnic Banco de Galicia y Buenos Aires 13475 US arin demandware-NET - demandware, INC.

Interactive S/A 28589 BR lacnic Luis Gustavo Zuccolotto de Assis - ME 28590 BR lacnic Neovia Telecomunicacoes.A.
22446 US arin medline - Medline Industries NO_name 22448 US arin micro-spec - Microcomputer Specialists, Inc.
16386 US arin procom-enterprises-LTD - procom enterprises 16387 US arin healthydirections - Healthy Directions, LLC 16388 US arin AS-PTI - Protronics Technologies, Inc.