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Hors-bord nm inv (canot) speedboat adj inv moteur hors-bord outboard motor hors-concours adj inv ineligible to compete (fig) in a class of one's own hors promo citroen c3 8990 de propos adj inv inopportune hors-d'œuvre nm inv hors d'œuvre, starter hors d'usage adj inv out of order hors-jeu.
(épreuve) competition un concours de chant a singing competition prep.You will also not be eligible for points if points towards year end or other awards will be offered.You may be required to wear your number upside down, to remind the bouteille de vin cadeau noel judged that you will not be rewarded for your performance no matter how well you.Any professionnal racer will be excluded from it's category and will not be allowed to be part of the running.Lenbach had not only an eye and a hand, but likewise elbows and a tongue which placed him hors concours.Le long métrage Ararat d'Atom Egoyan, sera projeté hors concours.Manon Rhéaume was given a tryout by the Tampa Bay Lightning and played in a National Hockey League pre-season game.Être hors de soi to be beside.s.The dressage rider rode hor concours as a warm-up for his main test.Definition: Riding hor concours at a horse competition means you are not competing.Except jeux concours.

Check ahead to see whether hors concours riders are welcome at the competitions you wish to attend and make sure your status is clearly marked on your entry form.
You may be left to the last, so that the other competitors dont have to wait on a non-competitor.
Burn Murdoch, h'm, I met a " hors concours " who knew, and I was quite prepared to witness a scene when I came in here.
Elle est hors de danger maintenant. .Whether or not riders may ride hor concours is at the discretion of the judges and organizers.Plus Doreen told us about your little deal knock Benny out of the contest, get some action in returen except you knocked him out permanently.Cite This Source, examples from the Web for hors concours.The History of Modern Painting, Volume 3 (of 4).At a dressage competition, you will receive a score card and mark from the judge, but not be eligible to win any rosettes or awards.Hor concours is a French phrase and means roughly exception from competition.Cite This Source, word of the Day Nearby words for hors concours Word Value for hors Scrabble Words With Friends What does Tis the Season mean?Without equal; unrivalled, word Origin literally: out of the competition.