compas de reduction en metal

In Halifax, the stamp depicts a combien gagne une aide a domicile au quebec likeness of James White, a modern map of Canada and a set of proportional dividers.
I remember that once we needed a radius.
A more elaborate example is pictured hereafter.
There were other types available with greater accuracy, but more elaborate.For wide drawing boards (especially used in the ship industy) the parallelogram mechanism was replaced by a horizontal rail on top with a 't-square' on roller barings holding the drawing head.Designed by Karen Smith of Trivium Design Inc.Slide rule This is not a drawing tool per se, but was used by educated people for calculations.ÉLÉment DE liaison pour bras compas DE ferme-porte.The divison of a right angle into 100 gon.Compass beam compass bow compass drop compass divider compass der zirkel der stangenzirkel der nullenzirkel der fallnullenzirkel der teilzirkel, stechzirkel le compas la boîte à compas le compas à verge le compas à pompe le balustre, camera lucida die camera lucida le camera lucida,.In ship building where drawings frequently were to the scale (or at least as large as rooms another form of curving tools were in use.Most french words courtesy by, daniel Blériot., see also links and my private collection.Drawing board das zeichenbrett die zeichenmaschine la planche à dessin la machine à dessiner, drawing instruments das reisszeug, drawing pen die reißfeder die nachlauffeder die doppel-reißfeder le tire-ligne le tire-ligne pour courbes le tire-ligne pour double trait.Drawing large circles But how to draw circles, if the center can not be reached?

The typical slide rule of an engineer had 25 scales and was 25cm long.
The pen at this drawing fountain pen could easily be exchanged for writing with types for narrow and wide lines.
The compass in this set could draw circles up to 25 cm in diameter by means of an elongation rod.
French curve, flat spline Lesbian rule das kurvenlineal die straklatte le pistolet (à dessin)?Ruler For working on the desk a ruler is still a handy tool.A specialized device for the relation of the golden rectangle may be still in use by sculpturers and other artists.The detail picture shows the 'head' of the machine: The rulers could be exchanged according to the desired scale; they could also be rotated in 15 degree steps or fixed at an arbitrary angle.Convenient tools on the desk are parallel moving rulers.Proportional compasses Proportional compasses are used to divide distances or to 'convert' them according to a scale.Still available are protractors with 400g (gon) to the full circle.Origin of Shadows by Ross Woodrow, University of Newcastle, Australia.Compas de tonnelier : grand compas utilisés pour déterminer l'endroit où les jables devraient être taillés (Newfoundland Museum).