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Despite the plan reduc la redoute new components and redesign, each Kindle Fire HDX is thinner and lighter than its predecessor.
Robert Baird analyst Colin Sebastian sent out a short note to clients on Monday suggesting that Amazon might have had to cut inventory after a "soft" holiday season.
Under the Fire HDX.9-inch's Gorilla Glass screen is a 2560 x 1600 display with 339 pixels per inch.Of the three, the two HDX models certainly raise the bar for pure power and screen resolution.Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, who demonstrated May Day for press, said, Were setting an internal goal of responding to most May Day requests in 15 seconds or less.It comes in six colors, and houses the new HDX tablet bodies while covering their Gorilla Class screens.New Cover If you ever admired the Versacover for iPad, youre in luck.Amazon's new pricing certainly is compelling, bringing the entry 4G LTE model to 399 from 499 and top-of-the-liner to 499 from 599.The Kindle HDX tablets also have screen resolutions that are starting to make.What's even more interesting, however, is if the HDX tablet detects that youre reading, it switches to a low-powered processing mode to get you 17 hours of battery life, according to Amazon.And read my in-depth interview with Jeff Bezos, here.Along with the quad-core Snapdragon, Amazon is supporting those HD-plus screens with 2 GB of RAM.A.3 front-facing camera is the only shooter on the tablet and Android.0 is installed out of the box.I saw this in action, and it looked pretty smooth; however, it will only support Samsung Smart TVs and PlayStation 3 upon launch (PlayStation 4 support will arrive later this year).

Options and Availability Amazon is now offering LTE versions for both the 7-inch and.9-inch HDX models, and its expanded the number of mobile broadband provider options: The Kindle Fire HDX is now on AT T and Verizon.
The Amazon Kindle Fire.9 and the Amazon Kindle Fire.9 4G LTE both have the same specs except for the LTE connectivity on the latter tablet.
Both are the first tablets to run Qualcomms powerful.
The sale price for the Wi-Fi only version of the tablet is 269, for a 30 savings; the 4G LTE version of the slate is now 449 after a 50 price reduction.The case also has a neat trick reserved for the.9-inch model.Kindle Fire.9" specs:.9-inch display (1920 x 1200 display, 254 ppi.5GHz omap4470 dual-core processor; 1GB RAM; 16GB, 32GB or 64GB storage (depending on model front-facing camera; Bluetooth; WiFi A/N; accelerometer; gyroscope; microphone; and Android.Speaking of magazines, those new issues will look great on the HDX devices, but the higher-resolution screens will eventually mean larger file sizes.Amazon is charging 50 a year for 250MB of data a month.New Looks, to go along with those powerful specs, Amazon has once again redesigned the tablet's magnesium bodies, although they remain black.

Amazon said customers can ameliorate this by using unlimited cloud storage (for purchased content) and progressive downloads.
"In terms of shipments, we expect smaller tablets to continue growing in 2013 and beyond".