Indeed, when booking a Preferente ticket on these trains it will pay to use the 'select exact seat' option and make sure you choose a seat in the endmost car with the Club class seating.
But there are now credible rumours that a Belgrade-Thessaloniki train will resume, at least June-September or possibly daily all year from 25 April onwards. .
This is great news, as Premier Classe is both affordable and gets rave reviews from those you use.
The Thessaloniki to Belgrade train now leaves at 18:30, not 15:52, with arrival in Belgrade at 09:35 not 05:33. .It's been threatened tirage au sort champions league 1/4 for a year or two, with many false starts, but this time it looks like it's really going ahead. .You will get one ticket for the Munich-Verona EuroCity train sourced from DB's system, then another ticket for Verona-Milan sourced from Trenitalia's system. .Changes afoot in Malaysia Thailand.59 fare available through a French retailer, in this case m: Correct price.Is a private website that has been allowed to connect to sncf's ticketing system after sncf lost an (unrelated) court case about anti-competitive behaviour. .

Unfortunately, it's the one-way fares which are the headline price in today's competitive world. .
Details are now on the Turkey page.
Indonesia : A new timetable was introduced from 1 June, which is now reflected on the Indonesia page.
Latest updates on Twitter: Follow my trip to Istanbul from 21 May.
I have added this useful option to the relevant sections on the site.All Seat61 European pages should now be up to date for the new Europe-wide timetable starting 9 June. .The bridge has now been repaired and normal Reunification Line train service resumed on 25 June.No, of course not, just the timetable change data loading issues. .But it still only accepts Vietnamese credit cards as far as I can tell!Just sit tight until reservations open.Poor bastards think I'm a local, something tells me the bastard locals had a tip off. .Rail Europe UK change their prices slightly again, recognising changes in the pound-euro exchange rate so prices on the Elipsos trainhotels and Paris0-Italy trains revised again, this time slightly upwards.I'd still recommend checking prices for London Spezials at (which can in theory get you to Frankfurt or Munich from 59) but when there are no cheap Spezials available these new Eurostar through fares could be just the ticket.Revamped French overnight train page.

I have had one report of the Russian embassy in Berlin refusing a visa for someone using the Berlin-Moscow Strizh train as it seems they didn't understand either.
Burma :  new ferry operator Bagan-Mandalay? .