My last visit was for Friday lunch in late March.
Well, she did have a train to catch.) I thoroughly enjoyed my succulent, beautifully cooked slices of veal with sauteed potatoes.
(Besides, I'd drunk quite a bit of this wine at a tasting on the previous Saturday.) 2007 Domaine de la Grange des Peres.
Note that the place is tiny and you must, must, must reserve.
I was in Cancale on assignment and arrived at lunch time, with little more than an hour before my first rendez-vous.Cassoulet in Carcassonne: Is it possible to visit the Cassoulet region of France and not want to sample the signature dish?I think it's a pate de tete.(They also do demi-pension.) Everything on our set menu - the dishes of which came from the standard menu was lipsmackingly delicious.Somethings to nibble with the aperitif.In it were chunks of molten aged parmesan as well as an egg yolk, all adding staples cadeau couette to the unctuousity.It came to pass that Dante organized a brief trip to Paris with Fabiana, two other couples and Matteo, the ten-year-old son of one of the couples.It was chewy and muscular, with focused, dark cherry flavors and a fair bit of heat.But back to food and wine: After a morning tromping through vineyards, we were hungry and thirsty.He starts with top-notch ingredients and treats them with great intelligence.

And though Marie-Jose protested when, at Jean-Pauls behest, a bottle of Bollinger was brought to the table, my Oui, oui!
Provence: Arles: Brin de Thym, Bistro a Vin Chez Ariane, La Charcuterie-Bouchon Lyonnais (April 2007).
Both are owned by David Chang, who appears to be the hottest new chef in America.
(35 euros.) Young, rich and very tight, it exuded aromas of black cherry, blueberry and licorice.
Vignoble DES verdots D-24.I brought one of these babies home to Paris with.I was torn between to dessert favorites so the owner gave me half portions of each: profiteroles stuffed with caramel au beurre sale ice cream on a sauce of what seemed like liquified caramel au beurre sale, and Kouign Amann (rough pronunciation: Kween Amahn.Well, wed spent the morning with Reuilly producers so, noblesse oblige, we drank Reuilly, reds and whites from two growers: a 2006 blanc from Guy Malbete had turbo-powered, ripe sauvignon blanc fruit; athe 2005 blanc La Raie from Claude Lafond was rich and textured but.Daniel Rose, barely 30, American, self-taught (though hes worked in some famous kitchens) offers a single menu daily: 4 courses two appetizers, main course, dessert for 36 euros.