A wild mix of action, horror and sci-fi genres, Predator remains one of Arnold Schwarzenegger's best-loved films.
Terminator 2: Judgment Day was as inevitable as SkyNet and the war against the machines.
Kad, kdo si concours prof d'eps interne a do konce roku poídí Blu-ray pehráva BX580 / BX585, pípadn televizi ady "Infinia nebo LX6500, má nárok na pár aktivních 3D brlí a filmov Blu-ray 3D disk k tomu.Ná facebook Pidejte si do oblíbench.This being our first depiction of John Connor, its a masterstroke that Cameron plays him as a child off the rails, because how else would a ten year old who grew up being told he was the saviour of mankind react?The Polar Express : First of all, the 3D here is vastly superior to the muted colors of the anaglyph 3D edition of Polar Express Warner released on cadeau 6 mois copain Blu-ray last year.

Surely this a case of third time lucky for fans.
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T2 revolutionary all over again, bringing out Camerons stunning advances in computer generated technology and reminding us of their power.
Picture rating: 2/5, audio: Both Blu-ray platters feature the same DTS-HD.1 remix.All this only serves to make the movie's treatment on BD all the more frustrating.Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, Linda Hamilton, Edward Furlong, Joe Morton, and Robert Patrick.Giger's Alien, Stan Winston's mandible-jawed, dreadlocked, extra-terrestrial big-game hunter is a masterpiece of creature design that has never been bettered (not even in the film's own sequels and spin-offs).Thats because both are holiday-themed movies based on enormously popular Christmas stories.Picture: For this 3D conversion Fox has returned to the same DNR-scrubbed hi-def master that was used as the basis for the studio's 2010 'Ultimate Edition' Blu-ray platter albeit now opened up from the original.85:1 framing.78:1.Interestingly, in addition to Bolt, the promo also touts Alice in Wonderland neither movie will be available at retail until 2011 (both are bundled exclusively with the purchase of Sony 3DTVs and Blu-ray 3D players this year).In retrospect, Camerons original is a far darker, far more nihilistic and desperate picture in its outlook than.